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Welcome to Ineffable Ragdolls. 

We strive to breed the most healthy, loving, loyal, and beautiful ragdolls. 

Our kittens are truly ineffable and super cuddly. All of our kittens are kept close to us. We have never caged them unless we were to visit the vets. Ever one of our little furbabies were loved and treated like our own family. We provide our kittens with lots of love, and in return, they become loving ragdolls. We understand that to keep our kittens loyal ragdolls, they must be around people on a daily basis. We treat our cats with the most delicate care. These beautiful kittens are under our full-time care. The first 2 months of a kitten's kittenhood is the most important time when the kitten develops its lifelong health, habits, IQ and habits. We feed our cats meat, fish, pet milk, egg, canned food and nutrience grain free dry food. We spend hours every day to take care of them, accompany them and train them. Therefore, our cats are very healthy, super friendly to humans, have good habits and hygienic habits.



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Something doesn't seem quite right...

2019/09/16 Baby Tom


Three in a row.

2019/09/16 Baby Delta, Tom and Guazi


That new laundry basket looks very lovely!

2019/09/13 Lady and Maple's baby kittens


St Johns, Auckland

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